Scandinavian Free Software Award

Press release, Göteborg 2007-12-07


Skolelinux wins the Scandinavian Free Software award

Free Software Foundation Europe is proud to announce that the Norwegian project Skolelinux is the winner of the first Free Software  Scandinavian Award handed out at during the Free Software Conference Scandinavia 2007 in Göteborg friday 2007-12-07.

Skolelinux has under a long period of time worked hard to promote the use of Free Software as well as the use of free and open standards and file formats. By using low cost or spare hardware, schools and other public institutions can find a free and cheap IT solution made to meet their needs.

Skolelinux captures a big part of the free software spirit; sharing and reusing. By focusing on schools, Skolelinux makes sure students, tomorrow's computer users, and decision makers, can grow up in a spirit of sharing, reusing and learning from family, friends and neighbours.

The goals of Skolelinux are to:

  • Provide a complete software solution using free software tailored for the needs and use-cases in educational scenarios.
  • Pre-configured for easy installation (standalone, as well as network-wide roll out).
  • Easy to use, maintain, and administer.
  • Supporting your native language.
  • Classify and package all free software related to education.
  • Write documentation to describe how to use the various software (in an educational context).
  • International availability, currently being translated into more than 50 languages.

Skolelinux has combined important, and dedicated work contributions with technical knowledge and political skills.

The adoption of Skolelinux in so many countries around the globe shows that the use of Free Software and open standards has really been spreading in a very positiv way.

The next milestone is that we are now seeing the merge of different school systems based on Free Software. The largest example is the merge between Skolelinux and the very successful Spanish GNU/LinEx project which has at the moment more than 250.000 users and 80.000 work stations in use in schools in Extremadura. The one laptop for every two pupils project.

Both Skolelinux and the GNU/LinEx buildts on Debian GNU/Linux and can enjoy the many synergy effects.

By focusing on schools the Skolelinux project shows by example how Free Software can be used. The jury finds this strategy important for the continued use of free and open standards.

Short about Skolelinux:

GNU/Linux in Schools

Skolelinux is free, stable, future secured, sustainable, and is upgrated frequently

  • no license problems
  • easy and time saving administration
  • security updates are made quickly available
  • simple system updating
  • good administration of the software packets
  • older PC 's can be used as thin clients
  • no dependence on commercial interests/vendor lock in

About the leadership:

The Skolelinux project has "doer democracy" which means that the
active persons decide! The merit lies in your contributions not in
your title.

The free, open source code in the project is very valuable because the source code is available making it is easy to change and customize. This is illustrated by the many languages that are being supported. In a digitalized world it is important for the survival of the cultures that even small national languages are being actively supported.

The collaboration platform:

The Skolelinux version 3.0r1 is now available.

There has been a valuable collaboration between the following countries: Germany, Spain , France, Greece and Norway. Lately also with a Canadian School project.

For some years now there have been regular meetings between different free software school systems and projects. The reason being to share cool applications and avoid double work. A win-win situation for all.

Congratulations again to Skolelinux. We wish you continued growths and success.

The Scandinavian Free Software Award

The Scandinavian Free Software Award has been designed for Nordic
citizens, projects or organizations that make an outstanding
contribution to the Free Software movement. Free Software projects,
efforts, achievements of all kinds - including work done by Nordic
citizens which has had a large effect in other parts of the world are  eligible to be nominated. It is the aim of FSCONS 2007 that this award becomes an annual event.

Jury 2007:

The jury is compiled by Nordic citizens only. This year the members are:

- Anne Østergaard (Gnome Foundation, Denmark)
- Henrik Sandklef (FSFE, Sweden)
- Jonas Öberg (FSFE, Sweden)
- Marcus Rejås (FSFE, Sweden)
- Mathias Klang (FSFE, Sweden)
- Petter Reinholdtsen (NUUG, Norway)

The complete list of outstanding nominated projects is available on


Contact information

Jonas Öberg, Vice president of FSF Europe

Phone: +46 733 423962

Anne Østergaard, leader of the award jury

Phone: +45 35428873 (hjemme)



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