Openmoko Code Sprint

Openmoko invites developers, hackers and navigationists to a code sprint on October 24th as part of this year's FSCONS in Gothenburg, Sweden.
A sprint is a time-boxed period of software development focused on a given list of goals (but with variable scope).
The Open Moko code sprint will focus on the developement of "voj". A tool to record, store and share your travel-routes using an OpenMoko device. To allow a wide range of applications "voj" will, following the example of "locations", integrate with the OpenStreeMap infrastructure and use the freely licensed maps to graphically display the routes.
Detailed information regarding the code sprint and FSCONS can be found on ../openmoko-codesprint/ and respectively.

Openmoko™ is a project dedicated to delivering mobile phones with an open source software stack. Openmoko is currently selling the Neo FreeRunner phone to advanced users and will start selling it to the general public as soon as the software is more developed.
The Openmoko stack, which includes a full X server, allows users and developers to transform mobile hardware platforms into unique products. Our license gives developers and users freedom to cosmetically customize their device or radically remix it; change the wallpaper or rebuild the entire house! It grants them the freedom, for example, to transform a phone into a medical device or point of sale device or the freedom to simply install their own favourite software. Beyond freeing the software on our devices we have also released our CAD files under Creative Commons. And at LinuxWorld 2008, we announced the release of the schematics for our products.

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FSCONS 2008 is the first among many Free Society conferences that bridges the gap between free software and cultural freedom. Co-arranged by Free Software Foundation Europe, Creative Commons and Wikimedia Sverige, FSCONS 2008 is already a landmark event in bringing the different movements working for digital freedom together.
More than just a series of presentations, FSCONS 2008 is a cross-cultural meeting place where grass root organisations, companies, academics, cultural workers and hackers come together in a united effort to discuss and liberate all aspects of digital culture.

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