Live Video Streams

All of you who can't afford the time or money to visit this year's FSCONS will be pleased to know that you can follow the lectures from home. With help from the GISS team, particularly streaming gurus Yves Degoyon and Valentina Messeri, we'll be able to show live video streams from most of the lectures.
The video will be broadcast in the Ogg Theora format, which can be viewed in almost any video player. Exceptions include, of course, Apple's and Microsoft's software, though that can be fixed by installing Xiph QuickTime Components or DirectShow Filters for the respective operating systems. If you are in doubt or have troubles, use VLC.
The URL for the streams will be published on ../streams/ by Saturday morning.

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Submitted by julipan on Fri, 10/24/2008 - 01:40

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