APRS - the amateur radio tracking system

Øyvind Hanssen

APRS (Automatic Position Reporting System) is the radio
amateur's system for GPS tracking and transmission of
tracking messages via VHF radio and the internet. In this
talk, Hanssen will explain how the radio amateurs in
Tromsø use and develop APRS for use in search and
rescue and similar types of operations. This includes
the development of a compact, robust and portable
tracking device, the development of a web-application for
presentation of tracking information on maps and other
infrastructure components like repeaters and portable

Our effort is to a large extent based on free
software and open hardware. Our tracking system has been
tested and used on the ground, in cars, in boats and in
aircrafts, also in real search and rescue operations. The
system has proved to be helpful in many cases, but there
are also interesting challenges like channel efficiency,
routing, and lack of electronic maps for free use. Øyvind
Hanssen has a Ph.D. in computer science, is interested in
open systems and free software. He is an active radio
amateur and has done much of the software development
in the project he presents here.