The Genero System

Øystein Jakobsen

The controversy surrounding Copyright has intensified the last year,
and there is little indication that it will subside. The digital
genie is out of the bottle, and the new economic paradigm
surrounding abundance is replacing that of scarcity. Authors and
artists fear that their livelihood will disappear and take action,
those concerned with civil liberties voice their concerns that
privacy, due process of law and free communication is being
eroded. The sides are deeply entrenched, and basic freedoms
become collateral damage.

Existing distribution system based on permissions are inefficient,
slow to adopt new channels and return little value to the actual
artist. Genero is a system under development that aims to solve
"Copyfight" simply by making free culture more attractive than
permission culture, for all parties involved. This is done by
creating a distribution ecosystem where permission is assumed for
commercial use, under pre-determined non-exclusive terms.

The Genero project has been nominated for the Norwegian NUUG award
and received acclaim from authorities such as Matt Mason, Brett Gaylor
and Rickard Falkvinge.

The presentation will present the following:

  • A brief history of Copyright and Copyleft
  • An introduction to the economical paradigm of abundance
  • Present the Genero system and show how Genero provides greater value
    to creator, audience and society as a whole