Educating in Freedom - Free Access and Collaboration is the Key by Anne Østergaard

Free Knowledge and Free Software goes together. Even the definition of
the two is very similar.

Education and life-long learning is about sharing and generating knowledge.

The libre knowledge vision has been expressed as follows:

"Knowledge for all, freedom to learn, towards collective wisdom
enabling people to empower themselves with knowledge
and to share it for community benefit."

When knowledge is shared electronically, the freedom to use, modify
(localize), enhance, mix, and share is essential for effective knowledge
transfer. Localization is almost always required.

The copyleft model, the free licenses, the free & open standards
and file formats, as well as a few other things are fundamental for free
culture, free knowledge, education, and self-learning in the future.

The question is, how do we get more awareness about free knowledge
and the free education programs in our governments and schools as well
as our homes?

There is no single and efficient strategy. We have to look for more ways
to distribute our message in order to reach our goal.
Collaboration between countries, regions as well as learning projects,
and other stakeholders is key.