Christina Haralanova

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A Ph.D. candidate in Communications, Christina has a long history of involvement with not-for-profit organizations and initiatives throughout the world. A feminist and a Free Software activist, Christina has continuously looked for ways to converge geek groups and social movements to work together for social justice. In the past, Christina has performed a number of training workshops for communitiy organizations in Bulgaria, France, Czech Republic, South Africa, UK and Canada. Christina has been a trainer in Drupal in 2009/2010. As a member of Foulab – the Montreal Hacker space – Christina has been involved with organizing the Ateliers du libre (the Free Software Workshops) and the HackFem project (involving more women to the hacker space). Her research interests pertain to technology politics, feminism, and free and open source software. Her MA thesis discussed women's contribution to free and open source software development.

Christina was a FSCONS keynote in 2009.

MS thesis is available online (French only) at:

Montreal, Canada

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