Daniel Stenberg

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I am a computer consultant, a computer freak, a hacker. I've been programming for fun and profit since 1985. You'll find lots of info about my various projects on these web pages.

I work for and with Haxx. I'm involved in organizing events in the foss-sthlm and FSCONS series. I'm a proud member of Fossgruppen.

I do contract development full-time. Primarily within these areas: embedded systems, open source and curl/libcurl. Get in touch to hire me.

I enjoy traveling a lot, doing white water kayaking, playing innebandy, watching good movies and having a good irish ale.

I live in Huddinge, just south of Stockholm, Sweden. My addresses, maps and public keys.

I treasure my wife Anja, and our kids Agnes and Rex.

Together with Simon Josefsson, I received the Nordic Free Software Award in 2009.


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