Workshop: The OpenRISC Project

Friday 11th of November, 2011
L307 (Språkbanken)

by Jonas Bonn, Julius Baxter & Olof Kindgren

The OpenRISC project defines open computer architectures and develops open source implementations.

This workshop will aim to provide a hands-on introduction to the OpenRISC architecture and implementations.

As there is a wide range of topics that could be covered, we would like feedback from those registering regarding the areas they would be most interested in. For example, after an introduction we could skip straight to the software stack of the bootloaders and Linux port, or begin from the silicon up and demonstrate the operation of the system at the RTL level, how to assemble a system to run on FPGA, or we could present both in a parallel form and ask people to choose which most appeals to them.

We ask that people come and find further information, and potentially vote for their preferred presentation, on this wiki page at OpenCores:

In order for us to be able to plan the workshop sessions and which rooms to put them in, the deadline for letting us know about your attendence of any of the workshops are October 28th.


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