Talk: Plasma Active: A Truly Open system for a wide spectrum of Devices

Free Desktop Environments
Saturday 12th of November, 2011

by Marco Martin

The landscape of mobile devices is moving really fast. The dominant platforms right now are Apple iOS and Google's Android, with other players such as MeeGo/Tizen and Microsoft struggling to really affirm themselves. If we look at the market today, we see the lack of a fully open platform in the mobile environment, as opposed to the desktop space where a wide variety of desktop environments such as GNOME/KDE and complete distribution is available. In the next few years we'll face a big challenge to keep our computing time open and free.

This presentation will describe the approach followed by the KDE community alongside with an ecosystem of different companies and how Plasma Active can target a multitude of devices with the easiest possible customization efforts, thanks to Plasma and QtQuick technologies. The presentation will also cover and demo the architecture and User Experience concepts behind the first release, Plasma Active One targeted towards tablet devices.

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