The Idea

FSCONS (or the Free Software Conference in Scandinavia) started as a small idea in an even smaller room. The momentum growing around Free Software lead to the idea becoming a reality.

Set to take place on 7th and 8th of December at the IT University in Göteborg, FSCONS is the first of its kind in the region. Top notch programmers, hackers, lawyers, and government representatives will speak to idealistic programmers, hackers, lawyers, companies and ordinary computer users. Spreading the buzz for Free Software in the region and keeping people informed about what is happening are just the very obvious goals. FSCONS wants to inspire people to think about Free Software as something they should consider developing, using, releasing, or simply supporting. We need to remember that we live in a free society where basic freedoms are a requirement. Being an international event, the official language at FSCONS is English.

As a first of its kind event, FSCONS is unable to provide everything free of charge for the participants. We have worked out fees that will help us get everything we have planned for you and still not make it too much of a financial burden. Among these things are access to all lectures, development rooms and presentations, opening and closing ceremonies, a t-shirt, a conference bag with a program and conference information, coffee and snacks twice a day, lunch each day, as well as the drinks and bites award ceremony. We do realize that similar events are free of charge but we also believe that FSCONS will be a unique event, the means for which will be justified by the final mutual aim. The fees are in euros and are as follows:

Conference is over and registration is closed. Come back in early spring 2008, for information about next year's FSCONS.

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