Tuning an old but free phone

Date and Time: 
6 November, 2010 - 14:15 - 15:00

Update on Neo FreeRunner, the most free mobile phone on the planet, concentrating on the obstacles overcome by the community and features added. Hardware fixes, Glamo timing, overclocking et cetera. Additionally the status of Debian on FreeRunner, my way of using Debian and the future of eventually switching to some other (free) phone. I like to compare tweaking FreeRunner to fixing an old car - you know it's not the coolest nor fastest four-wheel on the block, but it feels so good to get it going.

Timo has worked in various free software and culture communities, moving from the Finnish Wikipedia's starting steps onward to founding Ubuntu Finland, via which eventually becoming a Debian Developer.

Interests still lie within Debian and Ubuntu, added with the Finnish Wikipedia press contact task, Openmoko and its spin-offs, FSF Europe, GNOME, a Finnish "all things libre" site vapaasuomi.fi and nowadays MeeGo. Employed by Nomovok Ltd., M.Sc in Communications Engineering (major subject Cognitive Technology).

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