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Embedded - The use of Linux and free software generally in embedded systems is increasing exponentially. In some ways, it's more common than not to use free software when developing new devices. Moving through the seven layers of the OSI model, this theme explores modern embedded systems, from the physical layer to the applications.

Ethics - How does new technology influence our moral values, and are recent developments in society on a par with contemporary values? During this theme, we will explore the multifaceted issue of contemporary ethics. Is it morally acceptable to share digital artifacts with your friends, and if it is, what does that say about the ethics of new regulations and laws seeking to criminalise or introduce harsher punishments for such actions? The theme will try to find an answer to these questions, as well as to pose the question of what is morally acceptable in todays society, and the influence of this.

Infrastructure - Wikipedia defines infrastructure as "the basic physical and organizational structures needed for the operation of a society." The theme focuses on the infrastructure needs for tomorrows future society, as well as the basic need for privacy and secure communication, together with monitoring, both as a threat and as a tool to manage our ever increasing networks.

Makers of the Future - RepRap is a "rapid prototyping system that is capable of producing its own parts and can therefore be replicated easily". The philosophy of the free software movement: being able to use, share and improve software, gets a real life counterpart in the Hackerspaces, Fablab, Makerbot, RepRap and Open Source Ecology communities. Turning every citizen into a creator is a central issue of this theme, which will explore both the underlying philosophy as well as the actual means of creation.

Divide and Reconquer - Today, the majority of Europe's citizens communicate on-line, often hundreds of times a day. Employers demand it, communities desire it, yet nearly all digital communication proceeds through only a handful of globalised service providers. Whether emailing, social networking, blogging, conversing over VOIP, sharing files or researching data, control over what we say remains firmly out of our grasp. 'Divide and Reconquer' invites you to engage with the empowering history of decentralised networks, understand how recent trends have concentrated control in irresponsible hands, and witness the most exciting tools available for taking the power back.

Extensions - From knowledge and art to farming, economics and politics, the ideas of Free Software have inspired many to rethink and improve the common basics for society. This theme explores the plentiful and wonderful forks of the Free Software Philosophy, and their implications for human life.

Free Software - Free Software is a multi-faceted topic with at least a hundred different aspects. Coming from technology to policy, this theme will highlight technical and innovative applications licensed as Free Software, and move in the direction of Free Software in education and Free Software policies.

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