How does new technology influence our moral values, and are recent developments in society on a par with contemporary values? During this theme, we will explore the multifaceted issue of contemporary ethics. Is it morally acceptable to share digital artifacts with your friends, and if it is, what does that say about the ethics of new regulations and laws seeking to criminalise or introduce harsher punishments for such actions? The theme will try to find an answer to these questions, as well as to pose the question of what is morally acceptable in todays society, and the influence of this.

This theme is coordinated by Jonas Öberg See the planning wiki for more information.

The lineup for the Ethics theme at FSCONS is now almost complete. I'm happy to announce the participation of Lars Sandman who will speak on the subject of ethics in information technology. Lars is a professor of care ethics and associate professor of practical philosophy. He focuses on practical implications of ethical norms and values, with a particular emphasis on health care.

Brit Stakston from JMW, is coming to speak at FSCONS about The Ghosts of Social Media. Brit is the main author of the Swedish book Politik 2.0, covering the intersection of traditional politics with digital communication. In her FSCONS presentation, Brit will discuss ghost writing in the context of social media, and explore the consequences of turning followers into active beacons of political messages through social media.