File sharer? Go to jail!

Date and Time: 
7 November, 2010 - 10:45 - 11:15

Illegitimately sharing and copying a movie, a book, a song, is a criminal offense. That millions of people do the same doesn't make it more legal. But does it make it right? In many countries, jaywalking is illegal, yet most people would not hesitate to cross an empty road even at a red light and we would not consider it morally wrong. But if you impede traffic by doing so, people's opinion might well change.

With file sharing, people will look at you if you impede the other traffic on the net. But as long as you don't impede, they couldn't care less in many cases, and many would agree that file sharing, while illegal, is morally right. But what does it say about our laws, or about our morals, if there's such a big discrepancy?

Mathias Klang will talk about the attempts to regulate technology in todays society, how it relates to our ethical (and cultural!) values and what the letter of the law ought to say to match our moral compass.

Room 1