Design Patterns between Free Software and Permaculture

Date and Time: 
7 November, 2010 - 17:15 - 18:00

As a collaboration between two non-profit development organizations Urbania Hoeve and, this lecture won't introduce a specific project, rather than inspire the audience with a visionary metaphor, comparing and analyzing design patterns found to be analogous in two separate disciplines.

Following an interdisciplinary approach to pattern languages, we'll adventure in the discovery of Permaculture Principles in relationship to Free and Open Source Software development.

Permaculture is a design and information intensive system for agriculture that aims at permanent sustainability: as a recent progress from industrial agriculture, its fundamental contribution to the field of ecological design is the development of a concise set of broadly applicable organizing principles, for which we intend to envision relationships with the principles subsisting in Free Software culture.

Room 1