Are you weak in the middle?

Date and Time: 
6 November, 2010 - 11:30 - 12:00

Obviously or not, the truth is that not everything needs to happen
right away in modern digital technosphere. Perhaps that was the case
before the explosion of user generated content, but not any longer. A
typical example of this phenomena is your random social networking
website. Does it really matter for a particular user, right now, this
very second, that their status update, tweet or whatever highly
important information they have just created reaches their friends
immediately? Probably not. As it turns out, the solution was there for
a while already - queue everything and delight everyone!

In this talk we touch the topic of Message-oriented middleware, both
the obvious benefits this concept brings - scalability, availability,
the less obvious aspects - upgradeability, no vendor lock-in, as well
as some hidden rocks in the sea of queueing.

We also talk about standards in the field, current Open Source
implementations (with their advantages and disadvantages) and why we
chose Apache ActiveMQ as a messaging provider for the system we develop
here, at Peer Mobile AB. Last, but not least, we discuss XA Open
transactions and why these are important in certain use cases, such as

Room 2