The End of the World as we Know it: How do you feel?

Date and Time: 
6 November, 2010 - 17:15 - 17:59

If you're not worried about the current status of the world, you probably need to look up from that hexdump or stop fiddling with those servos. Widespread systemic collapse has become such a common theme in todays society that the general public has adopted the lingo. Greece, speculative bubbles, oil spills, climate change, unemployment, hyperinflation, hunger... all causing enormous stress on the social fabric. But what is fueling these failures? Is this a sign of something bigger? And more importantly, how can hacker culture save the world?

Continuing on from my theme of the last two years, I will this year present "Societal Cybernetics", a constructive model that I have been developing with co-conspirator Herbert Snorrason. In so doing I will lay out an analysis on the organization of society that scared the bejeepers out of us, but will likely make you very, very optimistic.

I'll conclude by giving you a list of ten pretty simple task items that need to be solved before FSCONS 2011.

Room 1
Makers of the Future