Please copy this record to all of your friends!

Date and Time: 
6 November, 2010 - 11:30 - 12:00

The story of how Urlyd Audiovisual Recordings and female artist Tone made am international music platform out of experimenting with CC-licenses.

Printing on the back of their records 'Please copy this record to all of your friends', Danish maverick label Urlyd Audiovisual Recordings pioneered as the first label in the world to use a CC-license on music releases, while still being backed by the local collecting society.

Inviting people to copy and re-distribute the contents as well as offering non-drm downloads for free while also distributing vinyl's and cd's for sale in retail outlets seemed absurd for most people, but turned out to be anything but that: The release -'Small Arm of Sea' by female experimental indietronica artist Tone - received heavy buzz and press attention both nationally and internationally, as well as boasting thousands and thousands of free downloads via the website and various torrent trackers. On top of all this - and most significantly - the records sold like hot cakes.

Subsequently Urlyd and Tone found themselves touring heavily in Europe and soon gained a distribution-deal across the continent - and was even flown across the pond to play this years SXSW festival in Austin. While at the same adding a licensing deal for release in the US to the setup, Tone and Urlyd now have a an international music platform in place for the next Tone album, due 2011 - entirely based on encouraging music file sharing.

Label manager Christian Villum will present insight into this music venture from 2007 and up until now - as well as present other non-traditional and diy-based initiatives taken that helped pave the way.

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