Register for FSCONS 2012

FSCONS 2012, November 09‒11


We have three different registration options, so take your pick.

We try to make the conference affordable for as many people as possible. Consider chipping in extra, if you can, to help keep it that way.


We would like to get some minutes of your precious time to answer the following questions, which are a part of our survey about the event. Every year, after the conference, we send a survey to all the participants asking questions in order to get some feedback and be able to improve the quality of the event for the next year and also improve our procedures based on the goals of our manifesto.

Accordingly, we get some feedback for example about gender distribution, and first time attendees, removing barriers for participation, etc.

This year we divided the question into before and after event. We will ask more questions regarding the event itself after the conference. So we really appreciate if you reply to these question, however they are totally optional.

Additional information

Do not hesitate to let us know if you have specific requirements or comments about the registration.