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We apologise for this long delay, which was mainly due to lack of man power, wrestling with FFMPEG and codecs, some more codecs, and very large data volumes ;-)

Now we are getting a grip of the videos from the sessions of FSCONS 2010 and we've started to push them up on Vimeo:

Erik de Bruijn - The Future of RepRap and Free and Open Hardware from FSCONS on Vimeo.

CC-BY-SA 3.0

Logo MeeGo Summit FI // April 15-16th 2011 // Tampere, Finland

Are you interested in mobile development? Don't miss the MeeGo Summit FI on April 15-16th 2011 in Tampere, Finland.

Summit is sold out, but you can queue for cancellation seats here.

One of the top speakers is Henri Bergius, who's been presenting on FSCONS several times.

Some snapshots from FSCONS 2010 - CC-BY-SA

We dare you to create a poster from the snapshot laptop photos, published on Flickr!

If you want the eternal fame and glory that follows from helping out with FSCONS promotion, then get right on with it and download the photos from the snapshot Flickr set, and put them together in a creative way to form a poster for FSCONS 2011!

We'll publish your contributions here and we'll might use your contribution as official posters for the FSCONS 2011 promotion campaign. All photos are CC BY-SA 2.0 and so should the poster be licensed.

Email us your poster, or a link to it, to info AT fscons DOT org .

Remix, Create, Share!



Banner for GoOpen, Oslo March 22-23

As part of the process of viewing FSCONS as an ongoing process, with a potential for expansion into local FSCONSs organized internationally, we are now having an FSCONS track (room 5) at the Norwegian GoOpen conference in Oslo.

Photo of Hesa and Jonas

Remember that laptop where you could take self-portraits during FSCONS? We finally got around to publish them on Flickr.

Can you find yourself?

The overall picture of this year's FSCONS summit in Gothenburg is gradually becoming clearer and the preparation and planning is gaining momentum.

While there is a lot to do and think about when arranging an event such as FSCONS, it is both educational and satisfactory seeing the pieces falling into place and forming a whole.

Resources keep coming in

It's really nice to see that you keep sending us photos and even links of interest that were gathered during FSCONS! Please keep those feedbacks coming!

First of all, we'd like to start off by giving a huge Thank you! to all speakers and visitors who made this year's conference all that it was! Thanks!

For those coming from outside of Sweden, it can take a few days for the bank transfer of your registration to clear. As of today, we would recommend that you do not pay with a bank transfer unless you are paying from Sweden. If you're paying from another country, we recommend that you either pay with PayPal (our preferred option), or that you select the option to "Pay in cash or with card at the conference venue" which we made available today.

Most welcome, and see you this weekend in Gothenburg!

For those wanting to pay by bank transfer, please do so before the 31st of October. On the 1st of November we will close the bank transfer option for registration fees since we can not guarantee that we will get the payment in time otherwise.

It will be possible to "pay at the door" when you arrive, but the registration fee for those arriving directly at FSCONS without having registered before will be higher than for the pre-registered.

Picture of Erik from erikdebruijn1 (CC BY-NC-SA), of Alessandro from lelorozza (CC BY-NC-SA), of Glyn from stuartyeates (CC BY-SA), and of Karin from kyrah used with permission.