FSCONS 2010 Videos - Finally!

We apologise for this long delay, which was mainly due to lack of man power, wrestling with FFMPEG and codecs, some more codecs, and very large data volumes ;-)

Now we are getting a grip of the videos from the sessions of FSCONS 2010 and we've started to push them up on Vimeo:

Erik de Bruijn - The Future of RepRap and Free and Open Hardware from FSCONS on Vimeo.

CC-BY-SA 3.0

Some speakers did the encoding themselves (since we were a bit too slow), so some additional talks are also up already on various places.

We will make available all files (including surrounding audio channels) from the raw video (huge files) material, as soon as we've figured out how to do this in a timely and practical manner. Each video is about 1-2 GB plus large WAV audio chunks. This is so that you can download and help us with the encoding and publishing, and to make the talks available in better quality. All we ask of you is to include our CC licens (CC-BY-SA 3.0) and if possible also credit FSCONS and the sponsors (see at the start of the Vimeo above).

More info on this soon!

What software is required?

Is there a way to see those videos with free software? All I see is a black rectangle.

Typo? 1-2TB -> 1-2GB ?

Typo? 1-2TB -> 1-2GB ?

Re: Typo?

Yes, a typo :) Corrected it to the, still rather large, 1-2 GB ;-)

On a side note, I found a few videos that were almost 4GB.