Johan Söderberg is a PhD researcher at Science & Technology Studies, Göteborg University, Sweden. Currently he is writing his thesis about the embryonic movement around free/open hardware. The research question which he investigates is how new kinds of political subjectivities are co-emerging together with the creation of new technologies. His main sources of theoretical inspiration is "critical theory of technology", "social philosophy", and "labour process theory". Some recent texts by Johan Söderberg includes a chapter in the book FREE BEER called "Hackers GNUnited", available:, the article "Hacking as a continuation of labour struggle" (co-authored with George Dafermos) in CAPITAL & CLASS, available:, and a chapter (in Swedish, to be published in September 2010) "Varsågod att älska det immateriella ägandet också" in the book EFTER THE PIRATE BAY. His website can be found here:


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