Talk: Open Accessibility Everywhere – Presenting the AEGIS Project

Universal Design — Aiming for Accessibility
Sunday 13th of November, 2011

by Mats Lundälv

The AEGIS project applies a comprehensive and holistic framework approach to providing generalised access to mainstream ICT. It focusses on contributing to infrastructures and open standards to support developers in delivering accessible solutions. The ambitions cover rich Internet applications and mobile devices, in addition to the desktop, as well as a wide range of impairing conditions.

This session will outline where AEGIS currently stands when entering the final fourth year of the project period. The Open Accessibility Framework (OAF) will be presented, as well as the range of components and sample applications that are being developed, most of them free and open source. Short demos will be given of the local Swedish developments in the area of multi-modal language support – helping to communicate, read and write with the help of the Concept Coding Framework (CCF) and graphic symbol representation.

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