Talk: Dirty tactics against LibreOffice in public administration and how to overcome them

Saturday 10th of November, 2012
Room 1
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by Otto Kekäläinen

What is holding Free Software in the public sector back? Both research and pilot projects indicate that for example OpenOffice and LibreOffice come out ahead of their proprietary competitors. But in practice, Finland's government and local authorities seem to find it hard to make the switch. Which forces are driving Free Software and in particular LibreOffice use in Finland's public sector, and what is holding back adoption? Otto Kekäläinen, FSFE's Finland coordinator, will analyse the situation and highlight what Free Software advocates and governments in other countries can learn from Finland's experience.

The talk will cover the Helsinki OpenOffice pilot in 2011 and the city council initiatives in several of the biggest cities in Finland, urging to use Free Software, and the so far only executed office suite migration done at the Ministry of Justice.

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