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We are sorry to inform that FSCONS XII has been canceled

FSCONS: The Free Society Conference

A meeting place for social change, focused on the intersection between technology, culture and society. The conference brings together people from a wide range of fields, and merges the technical with the social, seeking both to activate and challenge. Your input in open discussion and brainstorming are as important as the talks given during the conference.

We also have four hands-on workshops where you can learn video editing, how to make peer-to-peer applications and how to hack with care. This is an intimate conference where you have an opportunity to have a discussion with speakers and other participants.

Free Society Conference and Nordic Summit FSCONS exists to provide a meeting place where subjects covering society, culture and technology can be discussed and brought to life in peer discussions, without being confined to each particular subject area. It should provide both the physical and virtual space where people, organisations and governments, with interest in the three subject areas can meet in a participatory and constructive dialogue. The unique combination of topics creates a platform where cross-pollination between the areas can occur, and where new co-operations and thoughts can emerge which allows the participants to find new inspiration even from areas outside of their own.


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