Talk: Towards Money as a Common: The Digital-Coin Rule for a Free Society

The Future of Money
Saturday 12th of November, 2011

by Marco Sachy

The issue around the taboo of money is central in present critical economic times. We are in a situation where the incapacity to re-define how we deal with money could resolve in an a severe damage to society as we commonly refer to it: contrary to what happens with information systems, there are no backups with money systems. Since the Internet revolution - and also as parts of national communities - we are almost unconsciously using national currencies. We either agree to pay with or are obliged to acquire something, which is not – by law – our own property; simultaneously, we are migrating on-line towards the hyper-centralized and exclusively debt-based cashless society, whose collateral are the very citizens animating it. The provocative thesis about the Digital-Coin Rule for a Free Society takes the pace from philosophy of economics and technology both applied to draw the lines of the juridical innovation via direct vote of a bottom-up self-regulating P2P G/Local multi-currency system. As a result, central banking, the financial system and conventional politics would lose strategic monopolistic power while the Multitude fabricating society will experience money - more desirably - as a common: a decentralized and horizontally accessible monetary system, inherently cheaper to run and structurally more resilient than the present one.

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