Concerts at FSCONS 2014

October 12, 2014, The FSCONS team

Kurbeats and Skillnicker to FSCONS 2014

This year's conference will have no less than two excellent electronic bands performing their music live for you.

Friday concert: Kurbeats

Folktronica is the mutant child of Scandinavian Folk music and Electronica.

This album sets out to discover this new path. It blends acoustic instruments and jojk captured in the Kurbeats studio with digitally rendered soundscapes created by Andreas and Mathias.

Backed up by Scandinavian tradition and with their roots deep within the electronic music scene it lends itself to a bigger crowd, this album is for everyone.

Kurbeats takes you on a journey, from a shaman's tent, a wild ride through the kosmos to the heart. With this release the duo continues their story, that began with Yggdrasil - Prose Edda. Only, this is the true beginning.

Folktronica gives you what Prose Edda merely hinted. So hold on to your seats, here we go!

Saturday concert: Skillnicker

150 songs per hour!

With five years of touring together Patrik and Niklas have developed a style of high speed, creative and playful mixing where Bach meets Britney, Skrillex – Sinatra or Major Lazer – Madonna. In a one hour set the duo usually clocks in over a hundred songs and combined with an endless love for all music the shows have come to look more like rock shows than the average dj-act.