2014 Highlights

December 22, 2014, The FSCONS team

Highlights from FSCONS 2014 -Keynotes Karl Fogel and Leigh Honeywell keynoted FSCONS 2014. Karl's keynote highlighted the importance of communicating...

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FSCONS 2014 what to expect

October 28, 2014, The FSCONS team

What to expect at FSCONS 2014 FSCONS 2014 features a strong program with a set of interesting speakers and keynotes...

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Concerts at FSCONS 2014

October 12, 2014, The FSCONS team

Kurbeats and Skillnicker to FSCONS 2014 This year's conference will have no less than two excellent electronic bands performing their...

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Keynotes speakers

September 19, 2014, Oliver Propst

We are excited to announce that Karl Fogel and Leigh Honeywell will keynote FSCONS 2014 Leigh Honeywell Saturday 14:00, Stora...

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CFP deadline extended

June 20, 2014, The FSCONS team

Due to some technical issues which prevented some speakers from submitting their talks, we have decided to extend the CfP...

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