2014 Highlights

December 22, 2014, The FSCONS team

Highlights from FSCONS 2014


Karl Fogel and Leigh Honeywell keynoted FSCONS 2014. Karl's keynote highlighted the importance of communicating issues around information monopolies using a correct(ted) vocabulary. His talk included an extensive amount of humor and some animated film. Leigh talked about models for change, what we can learn about change from different types of communities, it was a very inspirational talk well received by the audience.

Karl Fogel deliver FSCONS keynote Leigh Honeywell delives FSSCONS 2014 keynote

-Second year at Hummanisten

2014 marked the second year FSCONS took place at the Gothenburg University Faculty of Arts, Hummanisten. The venue located in the very center of Gothenburg in a beautiful setting was appreciated by organizers and attendees alike.

-Some of the most established free software projects present

With representatives present from GNOME, Mozilla and Wikimedia it is safe to say that some of the largest and most respected free software projects were present at FSCONS 2014.

GNOME hacker at FSCONS 2014

-Appreciated lightning talks

The lighting talks took this year place in the open cafe area, this appreciated move drove extra interest and attention to the lightning talks.


We want to thank attendees, volunteers and our sponsors for making FSCONS 2014 happen! Just let us know if you are interested to join our efforts with organsizing FSCONS 2015.


FSCONS sound guy Oliver and Soumya talking about the Swedish Mozilla comunity at FSCONS 2014 Makers in action Whiteboard painting at FSCONS 2014

Photos by Oliver Propst, licensed under CC BY 4.0