Nordic Free Software Award

The Nordic Free Software Award is given to Nordic citizens, projects or organizations that have made a prominent contribution to the advancement of Free Software.

This years winner of the Nordic Free Software Award is Mats Östling

Mats gets the award because of his long term work on spreading the idea
of free software and the importance of sharing and working together in
the Swedish public sector. Mats do his work continuous and persistent in
an environment that is resistant to change.

Mats is the driving force behind Programverket which is a platform for
developing and spreading free software in the public sector. He is also
active in Open Sweden which is a national competence center for free

The nominated for the prize 2008 were:

Daniel Stenberg
curl and libcurl project, Rockbox project, contributor to the libssh2 and c-ares projects.

Kristinehamn Kommune
the local administration migrated to GNU/Linux

Simon Josefsson
For hist long term work with encryption/security software for the GNU project

The EJBCA Project
With EJBCA it\'s finally possible to build a clustered large-scale PKI (like EIDs for a country).

Inge Wallin
For his long term work in the KDE Project

IT-Political Association
For their work on the CD called "Polippix.

Imendio has for a long time been developing Gtk+.

Patrik Wallström
Long time work promoting Free Software. E G

Mats Östling
The driving force behind the work and this site and the aim is to get the public sector in Sweden to see the benefit in working together and using FOSS.

Daniel Nylander
For a long work on translating softwares to Swedish

Andreas Nilsson
For his work in adding graphics to the Gnome desktop and especially for his work on Tango.

Erik Josefsson
Erik has done tremendous work in preventing things like software patents from becoming legalised in Europe. Most recently he contributed to protect the individual's access to the internet.

Heidi Grande Røys
Has done a lot to promote and support Free Software and Open Standards in Norway.

Last years winner was Skolelinux.

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